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We at www. Are you facing relationship issues that refuse to go away? Are health issues pulling you down? I am here to help you navigate your way through your life with help from the stars above. I have been seriously studying the secrets of Indian Astrology and mysticism ever since the last 25 years and helping out people clarify their doubts and address their misgivings. Somewhere in our lives, every one, myself included, needs a caring hand to guide them through the innumerable pitfalls in the journey of life.

Let me show you your true potential! The time covered is next one year from the time the question was asked. The highest point in Jyotish Shastra. How mantras, japas, gems, pooja and other types of activities help alleviate misery or pre-empt dangers. I got the reply for my answer within a day.

Thanks for the response. I appreciate your time and effort.

Sheeba David

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you from the core of my heart. As you predicted, I really got a job in December for which I was madly waiting over these years. I have been asking many questions recently, and the replies are very punctual and helpful all the time. Robindranath ji appears to very knowledgeable in this field, and he gives the answers in a straightforward manner, whether it is good news or not. In my case, some things he suggested are turning out to be true, while for other things I need to wait and watch.

I keep doing hard work as usual but become less stressed out and anxious after consulting with him. He also suggests some remedies, but unlike other astrologers, Robindranath ji never tries to sell any remedies.

Overall, I would strongly suggest someone who has faith in astrology and is looking for some advice in life, to consult Robindranath ji. I have great respect for you and thanks for the guidance.


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People like you can only make this knowledge trustworthy. I really have no words to express my regards for your quick and authentic response. Dear Robindranathji, however harsh life feels like or however difficult the predictions are, there is always a bright spot amongst the dark clouds, this Hope and Faith in God has pulled me along till now. And it is kind persons like you who have helped me to get through with your timely and wholehearted help.

Thank you and God bless.

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I appreciate the honest and kind reply. My life has been and is full of strife and it sucks to know that will be continue to be so. But the truth is what it is. And although the answer broke my heart, it was something that I knew it all along. I just have been refusing to accept it. Thanks so much for your insight and trying to phrase an unpleasant prediction in good words. Thank you so much robidranath sir for given us to your precious timeā€¦I am very very thankful to you sir. I have been asking so many questions lately. It could have become annoying for some people for sure.

But, Robindranath Mitra Ji, I thank you from the core of my heart for having patience to listen to me and help me out each time with your pinpoint predictions and advice. Thanks Robindra Sir for your timely reply. This is a kind of selfless service done by you. I have got your detailed answer with remedies. I will post again if i get any positive result in future. Thanks a lot again sir!!! Thanks a ton for prompt reply,detailed analysis and for ushering us into brighter side of life by giving support when most needed and by helping in taking right decisions. I really wonder how your predictions are so accurate!

My charts were analysed carefully, and I was provided an in-depth reading, with remedial measures. I am eternally grateful to Mitra Ji for his dedication to pay heed to my query, even in the abscence of any remuneration. I am happy with your quick response, though it was not favorable for me.

Your are doing very good work,sir. Now how can we ask for remedies to you? Thanks for your last prediction few months back. Thanks fir your time.

I got the reply for my answer within a week which releaved my mind. Thanks a lot for your time and patience Sir.

Keept it up!! I wanted to give a feedback with respect to the predictions you had made. As per your predictions, I was gonna get promoted in my job post mid August. The good news is I have got a new job opportunity much better than my previous job, in terms of position and package both. Thank you so much for your guidance.

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As promised, I received the reply within a week. The solution provided has been helpul and relieving. Waiting for it to come true. Thank you for your time and service and providing it for free of cost. Thanks Robindranath mitra sir ur prediction for my reunion came exactly the same way you have predicted for me. I am really happy with your service sir,thanks a lot. Absolutely amazing answer. Without even knowing my situation you have accurately gauged my predicament. I thank you for your help.

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Robindranath for his extraordinary selfless service. And unbelievably for free!!